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Touche Éclat Luminous Silk 1.5 Luminous Silk 2.5ml

Touche Éclat Luminous Silk 1.5 Luminous Silk 2.5ml

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Brand: YSL

Product Details: Touche Éclat conceals dark circles and highlights your best features, adding instant radiance to your face. The must-have pen of celebrities, top models and makeup artists throughout the world, Touche Éclat is the one beauty essential that no woman should ever be without. Always keep this magic pen in your bag for the ultimate touch-up tool for a perfect complexion. A smart and practical classic. Now available in 10 radiant shades to suit all skin tones. BENEFITS: Conceals Dark Circles, Magic Pen, Radiance, Light. HOW TO USE: Apply on bare skin or over make-up, then blend with the fingertips for instant radiance and freshness. Directions: 1. Blend Touche Éclat under your eyes to cover dark circles & look like you've had a good night's sleep. Blend along the brow bones to highlight 2. Blend Touche Éclat across the eyelid to even out skin tone. This will also act as a perfect primer to fix eye shadow in place. 3. Sweep a light shade of Touche Éclat along the top of the cheek bones to highlight. Use a darker shade below the cheek bones to contour and add definition to your face 4. Add a dab of Touche Éclat in the Cupid's bow of your lips for a plumping effect.

Size/Weight: 2.5ml

Shade/Color: 1.5 Luminous Silk