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The Oil  150ml

The Oil 150ml

Paul & Joe
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Brand: Paul & Joe

Product Details: Refresh your mind, body, and soul and indulge yourself like youre on a vacance. A long-time vacation destination for Parisiennes, the Mediterranean region is where The Oils olive trees have been cultivated for over hundreds of years. Recharge and refresh your skin with the abundant benefits of olive squalane, 100% plant derived emulsifier, and olive oil derived from centuries-old olive trees to bring a lit-from-within glow to your skin. Delight in a completely new beauty concept by applying oil on bare skin first. By doing so, none of the benefits of oil go to waste so your skin is left hydrated, firm, and with a glowing complexion. The oil absorbs quickly into every cell of the outer layer of skin, maintaining the balance of the skin and providing the skin with essential moisture. This imparts exquisite luster, supple firmness and elasticity with each use. The specifically designated cotton allows oil to be absorbed into skin evenly and more effectively. By gently gliding the cotton your skin can achieve a lustrous, super soft skin. After washing the face, take a quarter sized amount of the oil onto a cotton pad and apply it to the face by softly gliding the pad in one direction. Then, take a quarter sized amount of Herbal Lotion onto a cotton pad and apply the lotion over the entire face by pressing it into the skin.

Size/Weight: 150ml

Shade/Color: NA