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Powercell Skinmunity Recharging Emulsion 50ml

Powercell Skinmunity Recharging Emulsion 50ml

Helena Rubinstein
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Brand: Helena Rubinstein

Product Details: HELENA RUBINSTEIN takes skins reinforcement and Defense Complex one-step further with POWERCELL SKINMUNITY Emulsion to create an exclusive recharging power duo. As concentrated in native vegetal cells as the POWERCELL SKINMUNITY cream, the powerful emulsion also contains spirulina with anti-oxidant properties to strengthen skin protection against daily attacks. Even in urban conditions, skin quality is perfected, imperfections are reduced. Enriched with 82% ingredients from natural origins, it reinforces and prolongs the effects of the serum by preserving the skins energy.

Size/Weight: 50ml

Shade/Color: NA