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Perfectionist Pro Rapid Brightening Treatment Duo 100ml x 2

Perfectionist Pro Rapid Brightening Treatment Duo 100ml x 2

Estée Lauder
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Brand: Estée Lauder

Product Details: Triple-active power. Stunning clarity and translucency. This ultra-lightweight serum visibly reduces the look of dark spots, including acne marks, in just 4 weeks. (1) Pores look diminished. 97% of women showed an improvement in our holistic 7D Skin Clarity Index. (2) The Index reflects a combination of 7 elements: • Dark Spot Intensity, including Acne Marks. • Dark Spot Contrast, including Acne Marks. • Pores. • Radiance. • Even Tone. • Anti-Sallowness. • Texture. Our exclusive, breakthrough complex combines 3 power Ferments—including a potent Algae Ferment—plus Vitamin C, to target every layer of skin's surface. Helps CALM skin to counteract future spots before they begin. Helps BLOCK the overproduction of melanin. Helps EAT UP melanin particles before they can concentrate into visible spots. And helps BREAK UP and clear away the look of existing spots. The result? Skin looks brighter and dark spots are visibly reduced. INSTANTLY: Skin is brighter, and deeply hydrated with 48-hour moisture. 86% of women said their skin looked more glowing and luminous immediately. (3)1 WEEK: 8 out of 10 women said their skin looked less sallow and more refined. (4)91% of women said their skin felt resilient. (5)4 WEEKS: See a significant reduction in the look of dark spots, including acne marks. Over time, pores look significantly diminished. Inspired by professional hyperpigmentation treatments, it rapidly brightens skin and targets multiple types of spots and uneven skintone. Anti-oxidants help protect against environmental damage and the formation of new skin discolorations. The fast-absorbing formula of the Rapid Brightening Treatment helps smooth skin's texture and enhance the natural radiance of your glowing skin. With anti-irritants and a super-dose of Hyaluronic Acid, it infuses skin with plumping, soothing, 48H moisture. Oil-free. Gentle on all skintypes. WHAT IS FERMENT³? It's a powerful triple-ferment combining a high concentration of our exclusive Yeast Ferment with a spot-targeting Molasses Ferment plus a proprietary Algae Ferment with powerful soothing activity. All three ferments work to help fight and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and enhance skin's clarity and calm. With over 30 years of experience, Estée Lauder scientists are experts in fermentation, a process that concentrates and amplifies. Our ferments are 98% naturally derived. WHAT IS VITAMIN C? It's a renowned brightening, anti-aging and all-around skin-boosting active. In this Vitamin C serum, it targets dark spot correction in the deepest layer of skin's surface to help reduce the look of skin discolorations. And with its anti-oxidant properties, it helps prevent the appearance of new spots and skin discolorations. Just 1 bottle of Rapid Brightening Treatment (50ml) contains as much Vitamin C as in 55 golden oranges. (1) Clinical testing on 33 Asian women after using product for 4 weeks, 2X per day. (2) Percentage of women with improvement in Index, which is a combination of Dark Spot/Acne Mark Intensity and Contrast, Pores, Radiance, Even Tone, Anti-Sallowness and Texture in clinical testing on 33 Asian women after using product for 4 weeks, 2X per day. (3) Consumer testing on 101 Asian women after a single product application, avoiding eye area. (4) Consumer testing on 115 Asian women after using product for 1 week, 2X per day, avoiding eye. (5) Consumer testing on 132 Asian women after using product for 4 weeks, 2X per day, avoiding eye.

Size/Weight: 100ml x 2

Shade/Color: NA