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Nutri-Lumiere Treatment Essence - All Skin Types  200ml

Nutri-Lumiere Treatment Essence - All Skin Types 200ml

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Brand: Clarins

Product Details: A reconditioning treatment essence that contains Habiscus Sabdariffa flower acids to exfoliate, leaving skin nourished and full of luminosity. As we age our skin nutrients decline due to our micro-nutrient network not functioning as efficiently and the skin barrier function weakens causing skin to become dry. Clarins Pro-Ageing Skin Nutrition Innovation Clarins Laboratories has developed two active ingredients within Nutri Lumiere - Organic horse chestnut flower extract and horse chestnut escin, the active molecule in the fruit. This invigorating duo maximises the penetration of nutrients in the skin, ensuring skin is nourished and luminous by improving its micro-nutrient network to deliver key nutrients more efficiently. Nutri-Lumiere Treatment Essence gentle lotion expertly penetrates the skin and prepares it for the application of following skincare.

Size/Weight: 200ml

Shade/Color: NA