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Lipstick N Refill 307 Tropical Bird 3.5g

Lipstick N Refill 307 Tropical Bird 3.5g

Paul & Joe
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Brand: Paul & Joe

Product Details: From a selection of lipsticks that add joyful color to your life, find one that brings out your true self. The women of Paris are captivating at any age. Regardless of the current trend, each one has her own style and lets it shine through. And the charms of a Parisienne never fade, probably because they spring from within. Debuting this autumn are lipsticks that will highlight your own timeless charms and add a nice touch to your life. Express your own brand of femininity more effectively and comfortably. Full Coverage (8 shades: 301308): The richest and boldest shades plus exquisite shine. Impeccable vividness adds glamour to your lips. Creamy Moisture Base, a unique blend of oils containing rich amounts of active ingredients, melts and spreads over the lips like cream to create a thick layer that firmly adheres to the lips, which results in vivid shades and rich moisture. The highly water-retentive, flexible layer stays in place while sealing in moisture so the lips remain moist and smooth and retain the fresh, vivid look. One and only lip color that reflects your own essence Customizable item: Combine your favorite shade and case to make a special lipstick just for you. *Refill only. Before use, set the refill into the Lipstick Case sold separately.

Size/Weight: 3.5g

Shade/Color: 307 Tropical Bird