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Immortelle Precious Cream & Eye Balm 50ml + 15ml

Immortelle Precious Cream & Eye Balm 50ml + 15ml

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Brand: L'Occitane

Product Details: Immortelle is a flower of exceptional longevity; it never fades or wilts, even after it has been picked, L'OCCITANE's research patents (pending in france) have revealed the exceptional properties of the Corsican Immortelle flower's essential oil. Precious Cream: This velvety cream is designed to help power up your skin's natural ability to renew itself and fight the effects of daily aggressors, for more youthful-looking skin. Precious Eye Balm: This energizing eye blam help visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles and fight the effects of daily aggressors.

Size/Weight: 50ml + 15ml

Shade/Color: NA