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Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-In-Serum Duo 50ml x 2

Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-In-Serum Duo 50ml x 2

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Brand: L'Occitane

Product Details: Our new Immortelle Reset formula helps your skin by smoothing its fine lines, giving it a healthy glow and allowing it to soothe and recover from daily stress factors. New, patented* Immortelle sap-like extract Soothes the skin from redness and tightness as well as boosts its recovery. Immediately after application, 10x more Immortelle essential oil Our new formula also contains 10x more Immortelle essential oil than the old one. The oil, which is encapsulated in tiny, golden bubbles, is known for its strong antioxidant properties. It helps to protect skin from daily aggressors and leaves it looking more youthful. Super-strong natural origin ingredients The serum also contains a natural origin active called Acmella Oleracea, which has a botox-like effect and helps smooth lines quickly, as well as Marjoram, which helps to reawaken the skin. Without these two, our formula would not be complete because all of these powerful ingredients work in synergy to help visibly reset your skin in no time. Including: Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum x2

Size/Weight: 50ml x 2

Shade/Color: NA