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Glow Mist CI 50ml

Glow Mist CI 50ml

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Brand: Rmk

Product Details: This mist-type lotion conditions your skin to radiant freshness with its instant moisture. A fine soft mist gently covers the skin surface for maximum hydration with a velvet finish. In a choice of three scents—Neroli, Cassis and Citrus—each guaranteed to relax your senses. Just take your pick and enjoy it anywhere, at home or on the move. - Spray face all over from distance of 20cm. - Use after applying foundation to maintain a lively looking radiance. - For greater radiance, spray on the desired area without working it in with your hands just enjoy the glowing finish on its own. Fermented European Pear Juice Extract (moisturizing ) Salvia Leaf Extract (moisturizing ) White Tea Extract (moisturizing ) Apricot Juice (moisturizing ) Citrus Fruit Extract (moisturizing )*1 Raspberry Extract (moisturizing )*2 Lemon Fruit Extract (moisturizing )*3 *1added in Glow Mist N *2added in Glow Mist C *3added in Glow Mist CI

Size/Weight: 50ml

Shade/Color: NA