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Concealer Pen 2 2g

Concealer Pen 2 2g

Paul & Joe
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Brand: Paul & Joe

Product Details: One swift application of the new Concealer Pen provides skin with perfect coverage and under-eye moisturization. This all-in-one beauty staple not only covers dark under-eye circles but also provides maximum wrinkle coverage as well. The easy-to-use touch pen dispenser makes application seamless and easy to do. Available in two shades to correct both blue and black under-eye circles, the thin, supple liquid becomes one with the skin, achieving a lightweight finish that is normally not possible with regular concealer alone. Directions for Use: Use before or after applying foundation; Directly apply to the area you want to cover or brighten by lightly spreading with the tip of the brush and then gently blending using the fingertips; For the most flattering result and to prevent eyes from looking small, do not spread concealer to the very edge of the eyes. Stop blending at the eye bag line; After use, wipe the tip of the brush and fasten the cap tightly.#16D006

Size/Weight: 2g

Shade/Color: 2