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Cleansing Cream  150g

Cleansing Cream 150g

Paul & Joe
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Brand: Paul & Joe

Product Details: Go on a vacance like the Parisiennes do with PAUL & JOE Cleansing Cream. The cream offers a punch of natural benefits from the Mediterranean region, including olive oil from ancient olive trees, organic rosemary essence1, and sage oil2. The delectable, velvety PAUL & JOE Cleansing Cream provides a spa-like experience, while gently removing makeup and impurities. The delectable, velvety PAUL & JOE Cleansing Cream quickly sticks to skin and effortlessly spreads to thoroughly remove all makeup and impurities leaving a soft and resilient finish. Formulated with olive oil and solidified softening oil, this cleansing emulsion has a thick consistency that quickly changes when put into contact with the skin to effectively cleanse and impart a dewy complexion. Can be rinsed off or wiped off with a tissue after use. Works as a two-in one facial soap and cleanser. Directions for Use: Using the included spatula takes a cherry sized amount of the product and apply to the face, moving in circular motions and blend well with the makeup and impurities. Then, gently wipe off with tissue or rinse off with cold or lukewarm water.

Size/Weight: 150g

Shade/Color: NA