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Calligraph:Ink Black 0.45ml

Calligraph:Ink Black 0.45ml

Shu Uemura
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Brand: Shu Uemura

Product Details: This remarkable eyeliner is modern makeups tribute to Asias traditional art of calligraphy. It has now been upgraded with an enhanced formula that dries quickly on the skin and maintains a just-applied intense color, delivering longer-lasting eyeliner makeup for up to 18 hours. Fine to bold expressions can be created by drawing with light or heavy pressure or low or high speed movements. Inspired by calligraphy brushes, the specially designed brush has 4 essential characteristics: a pointed tip, a balance of different bristle materials, exquisite form, and an elasticity of the brush to provide elegant and lively expressions, ranging from delicate to bold. Waterproof and sweatproof, the long-lasting ink offers intense color that does not reveal the skin color underneath the line. The upgraded formula features a brand-new flexible acryl polymer paired with a new pigment dispersion process. This breakthrough in technology results in faster liquid-to-film conversion and greater film flexibility for longer wear in this area where skin movement is high. The ink-like carbon black pigment particles are small and boast an even surface that reflects light for a shiny finish. Type liquid.

Size/Weight: 0.45ml

Shade/Color: Black