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Body Oil  170ml

Body Oil 170ml

Paul & Joe
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Brand: Paul & Joe

Product Details: You can feel this body oil delighting the skin all over your body, making it smooth, radiant, supple and moist. Meltingly covers the body to make the skin radiant and soft This body oil is filled with the goodness of nature, including olive oil from ancient trees that have lived for hundreds of years in the Mediterranean regionParisiennes favorite vacation destinationgrape seed oil, which is commonly used in the same region, and olive squalane.The oil spreads smoothly, gives elasticity without stickiness, and keeps the skin conditioned for hours. Continued use will leave the skin moisturized and radiant with magnificent softness and suppleness. Has an exquisite balance of penetrating oil, which has great affinity for skin and quickly reaches and rehydrates every corner of the stratum corneum, and coating oil that stays on the skin surface, leaving the skin moisturized and free of dryness for hours. Pleasant aroma for blissful body care time Warm, gentle and soft aroma is reminiscent of that of the Mediterranean region, where the sun streams down on citrus trees and herbs as they rustle gently in the breeze.

Size/Weight: 170ml

Shade/Color: NA