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Abeille Royale Fortifying Lotion 150ml

Abeille Royale Fortifying Lotion 150ml

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Brand: Guerlain

Product Details: The Fortifying Lotion with microencapsulated Royal Jelly helps the skin resist various stressors and pollution which visibly affect its quality and beauty. Designed Formulated for all skin types, including even sensitive, It resets the skin so that it recovers its optimum condition. Day after day, the stratum corneum skin barrier is strengthened, the skin is more resistant and seems protected from the appearance of the signs of ageing. This effective, sense-heightening formula is composed of 98% naturally sourced derived ingredients*. The fresh, aqueous Fortifying Lotion is the first essential step in preparing to prepare the skin for the Abeille Royale skincare ritual. *In accordance with ISO 16128 Parts 1 and 2, including the water content, the remaining 2% helps to optimize the integrity of the formula over time and its sensoriality.

Size/Weight: 150ml

Shade/Color: NA