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Mai'A X Banana Bar 70% Dark Chocolate  2.1oz (60g)

Mai'A X Banana Bar 70% Dark Chocolate 2.1oz (60g)

Manoa Chocolate
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Brand: Manoa Chocolate

Product Details: About the Bar: The Polynesian settlers brought with them mai'a (banana) on their long voyage to Hawaii. It is known as a canoe plant - a crop essential for island living. Not only was mai'a used as sustenance, but as an offering to ali'i (ruling chief), a highly regarded gift, and as medicine for various ailments. Fruit was scarce in ancient Hawaii and banana was one of only a handful available. Shar Tuiasoa of Punky Aloha Studio is the talented local artist behind the cover illustration. Also part of Flavors of Hawaii are the Coconut (Haupia) & Passion Fruit (Liliko'i) bars. Pairs with beaujolais, rye whiskey, nitro stout Details: 70% dark chocolate. Ingredients: cacao, organic cane sugar, freeze dried banana powder, cocoa butter. Vegan. Gluten Free. Direct Trade

Size/Weight: 2.1oz (60g)

Shade/Color: NA